Best Wireless Dog Fences Reviews In 2019

We Analyzed 28+ products for more than 108 hours after Which FOUND ONLY 10 best wireless dog fence systems Available on the market. They are a safe, viable, reliable, cost-effective and easy kind of Electric, Underground, Invisible pet containment systems.

So most of us want our pets to have some fantastic playtime outdoors. But we Also need them to be confined within our own yard so that they don’t get into any trouble and stay safe. Earlier, we couldn’t keep an eye on them all the time. However, now you can with the support of Best Wireless Dog Fences.

Yes, you heard it right! To be ineffective against the mighty dogs and their curiosity, these fences work like a charm!

If you are looking for the best wireless dog fences, then Petsafe Wireless Pet Fence is the only product that functions the way it is advertised and comes from a reputed manufacturer . It comes with unique adjustable shock levels to harmlessly correct the dog’s behaviour. What’s more, it has a decent and accurate range of 1/2 acres and enough battery life. With a 1-year warranty from the brand, this merchandise has everything that you need for an invisible dog fence system!

While there are a lot of products on the market that market well But don’t function the same. Here is our listing of wireless dog fences which DOES WORK!

Are Electric Dog Fences Cruel?

Well, Lots of people have the misunderstanding that it is cruel to Make your pet use these static correction collars and to be honest, the shock at the electrical dog collar needs to be rather impactful to be certain that the dog doesn’t cross the bounds again.

However, it is essential that the induced shock is fairly impactful Else, he’ll connect the shock-like any other bothersome insect.

And if You’re worried about how painful the shock is, well, it’s not that painful. Trying it out myself, it is simply enough to make you understand that you’re doing something wrong but not debilitating enough to allow you to memorize it for a long time.

Trained on not crossing the bounds. So whatever static correction gets done, is largely in the prior period of training the dog. Once trained, it is unlikely for the dog to repeat the mistake again.

So it may seem cruel from a far sight, but It’s the same as Almost every other area that you educate your dog, just like potty training! Overall, it is totally dog safe and not extreme in any way.

10 Best Wireless Dog Fences of 2019 (Reviews)

Basically, there are 2 types of dog fences, wired and wireless. In This article, we’re going to talk about wireless dog fence system. So if you are also one of those dog parents that want their pets to have all of the fun of outdoors whether they’re keeping an eye on them or not, go through this invisible dog fence reviews, or check out our top pick below.

So here are the reviews for the best electric fences for dogs that we Found in the marketplace. We assure that our reviews are impartial so you get the very best.

Petsafe is a prominent brand in the wireless dog fence marketplace. This Particular product has a capacity of 1/2 acre in range. It’s an easy to set up product with a range perfect for those with a smaller lawn.

Though the range of dog fence system is not that promising in terms of area, the price point, in our opinion, is rather steep. However, there is an additional functionality of buying additional collars in case you have several dogs. So ultimately you can have an unlimited number of dogs in 1 system.

  • Suitable for: 8 lbs and up
  • Coverage Area: 1/2 Acre
  • Warning Type: Beep
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Installation Difficulty: Easy
  • Warranty: Yes
  • In the Box: Transmitter, dog collar, marking flags, 2 packs of RFA-67D-11 batteries.
  • What We Liked: This wireless dog fence functions the way it is advertised, unlike the deceptive products on the market.

The wireless system comes with a non-rechargeable battery. The Normal battery life is about 6 months. That means you’ll have to change the battery from time to time, which hinders the potential of the product concerning an investment. But this electric fence dog does come with an additional battery pack. But this can be useful if you are always on the go or don’t have a power outlet in touch.

The functionality of using a single-use battery and the mix of lower boundary ranges. However, it is not fine for any user that has a bigger yard area.

If the Dog crosses the boundaries you can either choose to just allow the beep warn the puppy. Or you can pick the beep followed by a benign shock that might vary in intensity depending on among the five intensity level that you may have chosen.

All in all, this dog fence product is not worthy of its pricetag. We would recommend you to not to invest in such a wireless electric fence As it will keep costing you money as a result of non rechargable battery pack.

  • Adjustable warning and harmless shock levels.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Waterproof collar.
  • Adjustable collar touch points.
  • Non-rechargable battery.
  • Cost is much pretty steep while the range covered is too low.

Coming to the Extreme Dog Fence which not only considering its brand but also its quality and features. This is a rugged dog containment system which comes with a whopping one year warranty on its electronics and a two-year warranty on its wires.

Along with that, the components and features of this dog fence are unparalleled. Since, this is a set of three antennas, 2x battery check, 6 Acre of cable coverage area, compatible for up to 5 dogs, and five different standard grade fences to choose from. Now, these features do not come easily with all the products but the ones like Extreme Dog Fence System.

  • Suitable for: Medium to Large Dogs
  • Coverage Area: 25 Acres
  • Warning Type: Beep, Vibration
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Installation Difficulty: Easy
  • Warranty: Yes
  • In the Box: Digital Transmitter Waterproof Collar Receiver, eXtreme Dog Fence Boundary Wire, Training Flags, Sets of Contact Points, Rubber Comfort Contact Covers, Professional Splice Kits, Battery
  • What We Liked: Waterproof/submersible, Levels of correction from 0 to 7, Adjustable quick release buckle on the collar, Warranty of 1 year on electronics and 2 years on cables.

In the long run, the deal includes the heavily jacketed cables, electronic transmitter (waterproof/submersible), collar-receiver, battery, training flags, and splice kits. Talking about the collar-receiver, the collar may sustain water till a 10 feet depth. Aside from that, the digital chip of the dog fence system is intended to work for a range of 25 acres. Not to mention, the collar allows you to set the intensity from 0 to 7. Basically, the zero stands for tone signal, 1 to 5 static corrections, and 6-7 for innovative corrections. The collar will itself progress on the intensities if your dog keeps on getting away from the border.

  • Collar with progressive correction intensities from level zero to 7.
  • Deal includes two steel contacts, one of large size and another of small rubber coated.
  • The electronic chip can receive signals till a 25-acre range.
  • The collar is water submersible up to 10 feet of depth.
  • There are 100 flags, 4 splice kits, 2 steel contacts, 2 batteries.
  • The dog fence comes with a year warranty on electronic parts and 2-year warranty on its wires.

  • There are not many options considering the collar size that fits the dogs. However, it has an adjustable buckle that makes things easier.

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is one of the best invisible dog fences on the market. The Stay and Play fence systems are able to send signals in a diameter of 210 feet, and it is a decent capability. Both the range and form of the coverage area is adjustable. You can either create the coverage area rectangular or circular. The installation of this system is very straightforward. You can complete the entire set up within a couple of hours.

The transmitter of the Petsafe wireless dog containment system always checks whether the receiver is in the specified range. If the dog crosses the specified border assortment of dog fence, the transmitter plays a beep that functions as a warning to the dog and if it doesn’t return back in the confined area, a safe shock is induced.

  • Suitable for: Dogs weighing more than 5 Pounds with neck girth between 6 to 28 inches
  • Coverage Area: 3/4 acres (105 feet in radius)
  • Warning Type: Beep
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Installation Difficulty: Easy
  • Warranty: Yes
  • In the Box: Pet Safe Wireless Fence, Transmitter with Power Adapter, Receiver, Charger, 50 Training Flags, Short and Long Hair Contact Points, Test Light Tool, Contact Point Wrench, Rechargeable Receiver Collar, Operating and Training Guide.
  • What We Liked: Adjustable levels of shock intensity

As all the pets react differently to different intensity of shocks, This play wireless fence comes with 5 adjustable levels of shock intensity. Start checking for a suitable degree of shock by beginning with level 1 and moving additional level by level to find the perfect setting.

The transmitter has to be attached to a power outlet all the time. While the collar needs to be charged. This dog fence has a fairly long battery life that lasts for approximately 3 weeks with 3 hours of charging.

This Stay Play wireless fencing’s mobile and can also be used while traveling. You can safely use it while camping outside, in an RV, or any other location. However, you first have to train your dog with this gadget. Once trained, the dog will automatically return back on hearing the warning beep. Additionally, the dog fence system doesn’t take much time in setup. This can be a life-changing variable by saving the puppy from any mishaps.

Also, it comes with 2 types of collar contact points. One is longer While the other one is shorter. The shorter one works flawlessly with strains with shorter fur like a boxer and the longer one is for dogs with dense fur.

There are other Petsafe wireless fence products available in the Market and these work really fine with them.

There is a 1-year guarantee on the wireless electric fence on the Contingency that the item is purchased from a verified retailer. With That 1 year warranty and a quality product such as Petsafe wireless pet Containment, this is a excellent deal amoung other dog fences.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Adjustable boundary range up to 210 meter in total length.
  • The adjustable shape of coverage region.
  • Portable but requires a power source.
  • The play wireless fence is easily up.
  • The battery lasts for about 3 weeks with a single charge of 3 hours.
  • 5 level of harmless shocks included in dog fence.
  • Big obstacles can hinder the range of this Stay Play wireless fence.
  • A little costly.

The biggest pro of NeoPaw Wireless Dog Fence is that it comes with a wireless transmitter system. This permits you to move around with the transmitter wherever you go. Whether you’re on a picnic or in a park, you can set this system up immediately and efficiently. Moreover, it comes with a refreshing design that’s more comfortable for dogs to wear.

  • Suitable for: Dogs over 5 lb. with neck girth 6 – 28 inches
  • Coverage Area: 2 acres
  • Warning Type: Beep, Vibration
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Installation Difficulty: Moderate
  • In the Box: Training Shock Collar with Remote, Transmitter, USB cable, Charger, Mount, and a few screws
  • What We Liked: Wireless transmitter system

Provided charger. The battery of the wireless dog fence stays for about 18 hours so that you don’t need to worry about charging it over and over whether you’re at home or on the go. Although charging the transmitter requires a while, you can easily use it for two days and control it over the evening.

The range of the transmitter is two acres, just enough to safeguard the dog around the house’s boundary.

The wireless receivers have adequate battery life also. However, the Dog fence receiver is not designed to be worn more than 8 hours a day. The collar comes with a bucked belt, which is easier to fit around the dog’s neck.

The Selection of the wireless pet collar receiver is 2 acres, which can be considered humongous. Nonetheless, the reliability of this brand is a little less than Petsafe being new to the market rather than having enough reputation. Therefore, though this collar is a fantastic pick, we’d suggest our customers proceed with the Petsafe wireless dog fence system!

  • Great range.
  • Comes with a wireless transmitter.
  • Can be taken outdoors and on picnics.
  • The battery life of the transmitter is decent.
  • Wireless collar comes with a buckle design.
  • Not a reputed brand yet

AngelaKerry is one of the newest addition to the Dog Fence marketplace. And to be honest, it isn’t only newer but next generation too! AngelaKerry makes use of GPS, the very own technology which you get in your mobile phones! Using GPS, this brand has disrupted the dog fence market and is always building a community of tens of thousands of happy dog owners.

AngelaKerry is one of the best electric dog fences at a budget price That we’ve featured on our inspection. It comes with an awesome assortment of about 800 feet from the transmitter. With terrific range and affordable price, this wireless fence for dogs is well worth going for.

The collar receiver is slightly bulky. Thus, even though it can fit the majority of the dogs out there, we would recommend this electronic fence for dogs having moderate to large size because the excess weight is not great for smaller pups. The wireless dog collar doesn’t look that aesthetic as well, however, it functions quite substantially.

  • Suitable for: Medium to Large Dogs
  • Coverage Area: 496 Acres (800 meters from the transmitter)
  • Warning Type: Beep
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Installation Difficulty: Easy
  • Warranty: Yes
  • In the Box: Pet Receiver, 5V Charger, USB Charging Cable, LED Test Light, English Manual, TPU Belt, 2 Long and Short Metal Contact Points
  • What We Liked: Affordable Price, amazing coverage area, and a GPS dog fence.

The coverage area of the wireless pet fence is spectacular. You can Set it on maximum if you only want to be certain your dog can roam all it needs but doesn’t go too far from the home, this is ideal. Also, if you just want to keep him in your yard only, that is not a problem too since you can easily change the assortment of this GPS dog fence from 20 to 800 meters.

The wireless dog collar uses GPS Technology rather than radio frequency. This makes sure that the dog does not become shocked without going out of the boundary because of technical malfunction.

The battery capacity isn’t bad. Dog fence battery works for approximately 8 hours once fully charged, which takes 2 hours.

All in all, this is a worthy electric fence for dogs with all the Terrific things that a wireless dog fence system must have and that too in a budget price. In Addition, the 1-year guarantee is a great pledge for your investment. Therefore, we approve of this dog invisible fence and Fully recommend it for the dog owners out there.

  • Great range with about 800 meters from transmitter.
  • Makes use of GPS to avoid technical glitches.
  • Affordable price.
  • A rainproof GPS dog fence.
  • Has 7 adjustable static levels of correction including a tone-only mode.
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty.

  • A little heavy for small dogs(below 20 pounds).
  • Mixed reviews from the pet parents.

Here is another promising wireless electric dog fence system from PetSafe. As the name suggests, it effectively trains all the stubborn doggos of the world. It has not a bad range of 105 feet from the transmitter and 5 levels of static correction.

With this wireless pet fence, you can be confident that the dog is not going to get beyond the confined area. The hidden dog fence’s range of 105 feet in radius is excellent for people living in the suburbs. However, if you’ve got a bigger house, it may not be the perfect selection for you.

  • Suitable for: Dogs weighing more than 5 lbs with neck girth 6 to 28 inches
  • Coverage Area: 105 feet from the transmitter
  • Warning Type: Beep
  • Waterproof Collar: Yes
  • Installation Difficulty: Easy
  • Warranty: Yes
  • In the Box: Rechargeable Receiver Collar, Operating Guide, Test Light Tool, Receiver Charger, Short and Long Hair Contact Points, Contact Point Wrench
  • What We Liked: Receiver can fit in any dog collar.

Whenever the dog will try to cross the boundary, this dog fence System will get a tone-only mode warning, which it will immediately realize because of the training. Then if not returned in the safe zone, static correction is going to be induced. You may change the static intensity from 5 varying levels based upon your dog’s temperament.

Another great thing about this Petsafe wireless dog containment is That you don’t need to use the collar that’s provided by the manufacturer. If you already have a collar that your dog loves, you can just slide the receiver in the older one. It pretty much fits all the standard collars.

The best thing about this wireless pet fence is its outstanding battery capacity. All Petsafe wireless pet containment systems are equipped with standard battery packs that last for approximately 3 weeks after fully charged for about 3 minutes.

All in all, this dog fence product is pretty much like Petsafe Stay+Play, but the price point is comparitively more beneficial. We’d definitely recommend this wireless electric fence to all our dog lovers.

  • Receiver can be fit into most of the dog collars.
  • 5 levels of static correction in the dog fence.
  • Great Battery life with a rechargeable battery.
  • Convenient price.
  • Comes with a warranty if purchased from a verified retailer.
  • The area covered may not sufficient for a lot of dog owners.

Lastly, we have this Petworld wireless dog fence that has a 500 feet range in radius from the transmitter, which is adjustable from 82 to 500 feet. This fence is suitable for all the dogs that weigh from 10 to 110 pounds.

The system is easy to install. All you have to do is to configure the collar and transmitter and then flag your yard with the provided markers. With a new generation 433 Mhz technology, this dog fence does not produce any technical glitch.

  • Suitable for: Dogs weighing 10 to 110 lbs.
  • Coverage Area: 500 feet from the transmitter
  • Warning Type: Beep
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Installation Difficulty: Moderate
  • Warranty: Yes
  • In the Box: Wireless Transmitter, Adjustable TPU Strap, Collar Receiver, User Manual, LED Test Light, Charger, Bark Stopper, Screw, Screw Holder
  • What We Liked: Auto-sleep Function

A problem with this fence is that it does not come with an adjustable static correction. It does play a warning sound as the dog is about to exit the confined area, however, it does not have the function to adjust the amount of static shock that is going to get applied.

The battery capacity of this wireless dog fence system is just fair. You’ll need to charge it every day for regular use. However, this may cause a problem if you forget to charge the collar just for a day and the battery runs out.

To choose the boundary range there is an indicator from 10 to 100. As you move ahead with the number, you can increase the boundary.

Moreover, the dog collar is waterproof, which means that you do not have to worry about any shock or malfunction during the rains. Also, you can be worry-free no matter how dirty and wet your dog gets because the device is going to endure for sure.

All in all, this dog fence is not a bad product. However, there are better alternatives as mentioned above. So we suggest that you skip on this one!

  • Great range.
  • Comes with a wireless transmitter.
  • Can be taken outdoors and on picnics.
  • The battery life of the transmitter is decent.
  • Wireless collar comes with a buckle design.
  • Not a reputed brand yet

Realhunlee Wireless Electric Dog Fence System

Realhunlee is a comparatively newer wireless dog fence, however, it offers some of the finest features in this segment just like its competitors. It has a spectacular range of about 500 meters from the transmitter. It also comes with a remote control, and functionalities like lost dog alarm.

The transmitter easily locates the dog for up to 500 meters. And if the dog is found outside the confined area, it plays a beep on your transmitter and sends a harmless shock to the dog’s collar. You can set the range of the transmitter from 20 to 500 meter. It works efficiently with multi-story houses too.

  • Suitable for: Dog weighing 8 to 110 lbs
  • Coverage Area: 500 Meter from Transmitter
  • Warning Type: Beep on the transmitter
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Installation Difficulty: Easy
  • Warranty: No
  • In the Box: Transmitter, Receiver Collar, Rubber Stopper, Power Cord, Manual, Bark Stopper, Operating Guide, Strap, Voltage Tester, Screws
  • What We Liked: 100 Levels of Intensity and Lost Dog Warning on the transmitter

The remote control allows you to control the wireless dog fence with ease.It also has a variety of approximately 500 meters. However, one of the greatest things about this electronic dog fence system is its varying intensity of 100 levels. Using this, it is easy to set a safe shock that is perfect for your dog’s temperament.

This fencing for dogs comes with a lithium ion battery, which is rechargeable. It takes a few hours to get fully charged and lasts for approximately 9 hours. It has a standby time of 12 hours. However, the battery life, in our opinion, is not sufficient enough for the dog to wear during the day.

The range is so good that is Ideal for someone living in a condo or Someone who owns a villa.

With such battery capacity, one may have to develop a habit of Charging the batteries frequently just like their cellphones. Because forgetting to charge the watertight collar on daily basis can lead to a serious accident. It’s possible that the pet would cross the boundaries and to its surprise, there would be no shock and it might just lead across the way!

All in all, it’s not a bad hidden dog fence system. However, certain Problems like low battery life can’t be left unattended. Therefore, we don’t recommend this product to our readers.

  • Promising range of 500 meters in radius.
  • Great for anyone living in a condo or a villa.
  • Comes with short and long touch points.
  • The levels of correction intensity can be set at 100 varying states.
  • Comes with a remote control that has a range of 500 meters!
  • Competitive price range.
  • Poor battery performance.

JUSTSTART Electric Wireless Pet Containment System

JUSTSTART Wireless system is the newest addition to the wireless dog fence market. It’s a disruptive product due to its outstanding assortment of 900 feet in radius, which, obviously, is adjustable! So in case you own a home with a huge yard, do not worry, because all your yard is going to get utilized very well with this item.

Setting up this dog fence is really practical and easy. 1 downside of this product is the range shape isn’t adjustable. It remains in a round shape only.

  • Suitable for: Dogs weighing from 10 to 140lbs
  • Coverage Area: 58 acres (900 feet in radius)
  • Warning Type: Vibration
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Installation Difficulty: Moderate
  • Warranty: Yes
  • In the Box: Wireless Fence Transmitter, Collar Receiver, Training Flags, Test Light Tool, Power Adapters, Transmitter Wall Mount Screws, Collar Contacts, English Manual
  • What We Liked: Wide range of area that this product can cover; great for multiple dogs

JUSTSTART Wireless system is the newest addition to the wireless dog fence market. It’s a disruptive product due to its outstanding assortment of 900 feet in radius, which, obviously, is adjustable! So in case you own a home with a huge yard, do not worry, because all your yard is going to get utilized very well with this item.

Setting up this dog fence is really practical and easy. 1 downside of this product is the range shape isn’t adjustable. It remains in a round shape only.

The batteries here are 2 Lithium-ion batteries. This is also a Problem since these batteries don’t last for a long period, not like the one that is used in the PetSafe Stay Play wireless fence. So it likely that battery of the wireless dog collar will run out after a whole day and you’ll have to develop a habit of charging it every night.

In case of crossing the boundary, your dog will get a warning with the in-built vibrator. And if it stays in the area, a harmless shock will get induced to find the puppy back in the safe zone. As soon as you train your dog with the performance of the product, you’ll have the ability to use it at other places also.

The price of the dog fence system is significantly lower than most of the fence Systems in the marketplace. Also, this product includes a magnificent selection and is ideal for people that have a bigger house with large yard.

  • Covers a great range of 58 acres.
  • Low price.
  • Effortless to set up.
  • Uses vibration as a mode of warning before inducing a harmless shock.
  • Can fit both small and large size dogs.
  • We are a little skeptical about the 58 acre range claim.
  • Battery capacity is not promising.
  • No adjustable shock level.

Buyer's Guide

So if you are looking forward to Buying a pet fence, there is a Thing or two that you must know before making this big investment. Therefore, here is our comprehensive list of everything that you may need to know about a dog fence.

What is a Wireless Dog Fence?

A wireless fence includes a transmitter, a dog collar(receiver), And a couple of flags. Using these things combined, a wireless invisible fence teaches or rather trains your dog to keep within the boundaries.

Earlier, Plenty of people have been using various dog fencing Choices To begin with, those underground or state, invisible dog fence systems are amazingly hard to install. You must go digging around all your residence, which can be exhausting as it may occupy a whole day.

Additionally, once installed, these fences are tough to coordinate with. There Are a lot of factors that may affect the state of an above-ground electronic dog fence system. To begin with, due to weather effect or some accidental damage, the wire may break sooner or later. And to find out that cable breakage, you need to bang your head for hours and hours! And if not, you’ll need some excess equipment just to detect that breakage, a total waste of money and effort.

You may never know when the cable will get damaged or broken. That means you’ll remain skeptical about your doggo’s well being. Additionally, it is evident that a physical thing which gets buried in the floor includes a limited life.

In General, a Wireless Dog Fence solves all these problems and works It will not just save your dog from the cruel outside world and will be nice to your pockets in the long run.

How Do Invisible and Wireless Fence Pet Containment System Work?

As stated, the basic things that include a Wireless Dog Fence are a transmitter, a receiver, and a couple of markers.

The transmitter is to be installed inside your home so that you get There’s a collar that you need your dog to wear. It constantly detects the location of your dog. And when found running away play a sound in the collar and later if not returned to the confined area, it will carry out a static correction.

If the dog is close to the boundaries, dog fence will also notify you by an alarming sound on the transmitter. This transmitter needs to be connected with a power outlet in order to function.

Also, if you are wondering how does the dog stay inside the Boundaries by himself, well, training your dog is crucial to do that. But don’t worry as it is not that much of a intricate process. All you need to do is set some markers or flags that come along with the package. Once the markers are installed, you need to make your dog wear the collar, turn on the system and train your puppy about the boundaries.

Within a few days of training your dog, He’ll learn that it is Self-harming to go beyond the bounds and will avoid crossing them. to take them off one by one. When your dog will know all of the invisible boundaries of the dog fences That are around your property.

How to Choose the Excellent Wireless Dog Fence?

Choosing a dog electric fence can be a little tough as it comprises of a number of factors to understand. But do not worry, just go through the list below!

1.How Much Area You Will Need to Cover

The first question should be, how much area you need to cover. Whether you will need a hidden dog fence which could cover a small yard or something that can cover an enormous amount of land.

The solution to this is simple. Just go out and measure the area you Need to keep your dog . A simple way to measure this is merely measuring the boundaries from 1 end to the opposite and then buy something that may cover the radius of about half of the measure.

Distance into account. That should be more than adequate. Type of Battery

2. Type of Battery

When you Buy a wireless dog fence, one of the things that you Need to take into consideration is the kind of battery you get. The type of battery mainly relates to 2 things, either it would be a use-and-throw non-rechargeable battery or it may be a rechargeable battery. It can be a lithium battery or for some products, it can be an RFA-67 too.

Now you need to make sure that you purchase something with a rechargeable battery. Because buying something with a non-rechargeable will lead you to a poor investment as these goods are used continually for a long period of time. Due to this reason, you will often have to go out and purchase new batteries, which as an investment is a bad thing.

Also, if you are going to use the dog invisible fence for about 5 Years, then the amount you spend after buying non-rechargeable batteries would equal to a couple new dog fencing solutions. Battery Life

3. Battery Life

Battery performance is another big concern as there are a lot of Wireless fences which offer their dog fence system with rechargeable batteries but the sad reality is that these batteries don’t last much longer and you constantly have to charge them daily.

Moreover, if you ever forget to charge the battery for even a day, it May lead your dog to an escape. Also, make sure that there is some type of battery indicator on the collar.

Certain brands like PetSafe provide an invisible pet fence with a Battery life of approximately 3 months, which is remarkable. So we would advise going with such electric fences for dogs because it will be better for your pockets in a long run.

4. Size of the Dog

While most of the collar products on the market are versatile and can Be utilized for the most size of dogs, there are particular products which are compatible but aren’t advisable. These are the products that weigh a lot.

These goods can totally fit a small sized dog. But due to the Truth That these small dogs have tender necks, they’re unable to carry the burden of the receiver that is stuck along with the collar of the wireless dog fence system.

Be certain to know the weight of the invisible fence for dogs if you’re going to use it to get a little dog.

5.Changeable Level of Static Correction

Now, this is a really important element. As all dogs are different, they Respond differently with varying variables. Therefore, the intensity of static correction that may work with a dog, perhaps a little too low for another dog or even worse, can be too much for another dog, that is the last thing which you want when you get your dog fencing system, right?

6. Type of Warning (Buzz or Beep)

A warning is something that makes your dog understand that it is going out Of the safe zone. As soon as you train your puppy, it will be easy to notice for him whenever he gets out of the safe zone and due to the training experience, it would immediately return in the restricted area.

This is an essential characteristic of any wireless dog fence system since It allows your dog to get in the safe zone without getting a shock. Know that when we say shock, it’s a harmless kind of correction, like a pinch! Water-resistance

7. Water-resistance

Dogs love to get a great playtime. It Doesn’t matter to them Whether they get fully dirty or wet. So you will need to keep in mind that the device you will make him wear is equally demanding. And not only tough but waterproof as well.

Investing in a watertight device will ensure that your investment is safe even if your dog is out there playing in a pouring rain.

8. Difficulty of Installation

First of all, dog fences stand out against the wired ones because of the Fact that they are easier to use and more convenient. However, there are some devices that may need a couple of extra hours for you to prepare the entire system.

Additionally, You need to understand that wireless systems frequently require 2 persons for initial installation. However, the point is, choose a wireless dog fence system which takes about two to three hours to get completely set up. Warranty Period

9. Warranty Period

Wireless fences are a big investment. If you are investing a couple Hundred dollars in a device, it’s very likely that you anticipate them to function for at least 3-4 years. A great way to make sure that your investment is secure is by investing in a trusted brand that provides a warranty and of course, a great customer service.

There are Plenty of Fence systems out there in the market that is just A copy of the original. These products do not belong to a renowned brand. They promise to deliver the same performance as the original dog fence wireless but eventually fail and result in a bad investment.

That is why a warranty is vital. It displays the brand trusts Its products and is prepared to make the experience of the customer to be delightful.

10. GPS or Radio Frequency

This is one of the factors that a lot of customers are totally unaware of. Yes, the wireless fences are available in 2 types. This is distinguished based on the technology they use to detect your pup.

While some dog fence system Use radio frequency, some use GPS. Now both of these have merits and demerits. A radio frequency is hindered by physical barriers like a tree, stone or levitation, and a lot of other things. But they can function during rain.

On the other hand, GPS technology is better at avoiding obstacles but can malfunction during rain.

So it totally depends your decision. However, choosing in either is not a wrong choice.

11. Slideable Collar Receiver

This is common operation that a lot of manufacturers have begun Comprising in their wireless dog fence. As a pet , you would have already invested in a dog collar that is simply perfect for your puppy, right? So why would you change that completely adorable collar only for a dog electric fence?

And for the same reason, leading manufacturers make their collar Receivers such that they can be detached from the collar. And Enable you To be slid into your favorite collar without being dilemmatic anymore!


Can I use a wireless dog fence during rain?

Well, you can surely use a wireless fence if it is just drizzling. But If it is pouring rain, we suggest you to not use any kind of electric pet fence.

The primary reason for this is that rain acts as a barrier to electronic signals. So there are chances that the signs may get hindered because of rain and your pet may receive a shock with no reason.

That it is relatively safe to allow the dog be nearby the house. So if you can manage that, you might allow the dog to have some fun in the rain.

Is it better to have a wired or a wireless fence installed in the house dog?

Comparatively, in a lot of the variables, dog fences are more valuable than in-ground dog fences. Also, if you have a huge yard, it may not be possible to install and even afford a wired fence all around the house. Moreover, if they get busted it can take you a great deal of hours to discover the specific source of the problem.

Are wireless electric dog fences powerful?

Of course! These fences are created such way that it trains your dog to not to cross the fence. And if it ever does, the warning noise makes the dog go back to where it was before.

So of course, they are as effective as a dog fence systems can ever be.

Do invisible dog fences hurt puppies?

Not at all. These fences are created only to give your dogs a harmless static correction. And in actuality, as you train the puppy, within a couple of weeks, the dog itself begins to understand the boundaries.

Although the shocks are totally benign, it is Tough for a puppy to associate it with the bounds and therefore you Will not even be able to train them. You must wait for a certain period Of time prior to using a wireless invisible fence for your dog.

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