Best Wireless Dog Fence

Cost of The Best Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless dog fences have become so popular and affordable, to the point where you can buy and set up the fence yourself. There isn’t any requirement to get a professional installer; many of the fences now are DIY fences. If you’re considering purchasing one best wireless dog fence , but you are unsure about the price, this article you will clear a whole lot of things up. You will get the concept of what to expect and an overview of the costs involved if you still prefer your fencing to be professionally installed.

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Everything You need for a wireless fence typically comes with the kit. However, if you have more than 1 dog or a massive area to cover, you may need to purchase some additional equipment. Based on the brand, a wireless fencing kit will cost you anywhere from $250-$400. We can see that this is a far better and cheaper solution than a weapon. You might be interested in reading the article where we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a electrical dog fence vs a traditional fence.

Furthermore, Every puppy on a wireless fencing system needs to be provided with their own collar. Additional collars can cost you an extra $120-$160 for every collar. Most conventional wireless transmitters can pay for somewhat more than half an acre. If you need more coverage, you will need an extra transmitter. The transmitter will cost you $150-$200, a bit pricey, we understand.

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Maintenance Cost for Best Wireless Dog Fence?

The Yearly maintenance usually involves changing batteries and the receiver collar. Taking into consideration these two variables, here is an estimation of how much it will hurt your wallet.

Disposable batteries have to be replaced from time to time. Some collars utilize regular batteries, which can be bought, at any supermarket and others need special kind of batteries. These batteries are more expensive and can be very tough to find. When everything is said and done, we estimate that you need around $20 — $35 per year just for batteries.

Come a time when you will need to replace some areas of the collar, namely the metal contact points. It will cost you $10 — $15 to get a kit that includes everything you want to fix and replace any part of the collar. These supplies can last a couple of years. Not much money spent here.

What about the Professional Installation?

Some Companies provide professional installation services and the price can vary depending on the business. These firms have dealers all around the country which prompts for cost variations from region to region. These services are usually provided for in-ground fences and can cost you anywhere from $800 — $2000. The purchase price includes somewhat more than simply the setup; it includes the training and a battery plan. In terms of the wireless fences, you won’t need any help installing these. We just wanted to address the way the expert installation can be extremely expensive. Read our guide If you are considering a wireless vs in ground dog fence in comparing both options vs a weapon.


There you go, the best wireless dog fence costs. We come to a conclusion that these fences Are a great and affordable solution for keeping your pet safe. With Only small investments, your dog will be happy and free.

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