Best Vacuum for Cleaning Pet Hair on Hardwood Floors

What’s the best vacuum for cleaning pet hair? Which vacuums can pick up pet hair without ruining hardwood flooring or neglecting to get dirt out of a carpet when suctioning up pet hair and dander?

Let’s review the vacuums that could claim the title as best vacuum For cleaning pet hair on hardwood floors. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of those vacuums that do better than average with the challenges pet hair and hardwood flooring pose? And which vacuums would be the best vacuum for cleaning pet hair and hardwood flooring given your budget, needs and situation?

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Best Powerful Pet Hair VacuumsHoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Model SH20030View On Amazon
Best Powerful Pet Hair VacuumsShark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, Red (NV501)View On Amazon
wood vacuume5Bissell 1819 CleanView Rewind Deluxe Upright Bagless VacuumView On Amazon
wood vacuume7Dyson V​11View On Amazon

This Hoover vacuum cleaner is one of the cheapest Hoovers available. It is as light as a cordless vacuum but has a long 20 foot cord so it doesn’t run out of power. It weighs just nine pounds. This vacuum is extremely maneuverable in all directions and can lay almost flat to get under furniture. You can transition from hard floors like tile and wood to low carpet without needing to adjust anything.

One Of the points in favor of the model is the dirt cup has a clear indicator to allow you to know when it has to be emptied. The downside is that the dirt cup has to be emptied often because of its small capacity.

One of the flaws of the vacuum is that it tends to clog if you’re suctioning up fur balls.

This vacuum uses washable filters that don’t have to be replaced very often. Replacement filters and belts for this vacuum are a couple dollars each and readily found. This is a excellent cheap pet hair vacuum as long as you are not chasing fur tumbleweeds, cleaning large areas or vacuuming thick carpeting.

This Is the best vacuum cleaner for hard wood flooring and pet hair for those on a limited budget. While it looks like a stick vacuum, it’s actually a corded vacuum cleaner, so it won’t expire after fifteen minutes of usage. The V shaped head of this vacuum cleaner makes it good at picking up dust and dander directly in front of the mind, though cleaning large areas with its narrow cleaning path can be a hassle.

The V shaped head design makes this vacuum uniquely capable of sucking up those nasty hairballs and tumbleweeds of pet hair some long haired heavily shedding critters create. Its only major weakness is failing to do almost as good a job on carpet as it does on hardwood flooring.

This Vacuum is nimble enough to clean around furniture with little effort. It weighs around ten pounds, so you won’t get tired cleaning with it. It’s an easy to empty dirt cup. Be careful to do with the bin ending already in the garbage can to minimize the dirt . The irony of the purchase price of this vacuum’s low cost is a replacement filter pack is up to one fifth the cost of a new vacuum. And for any kind of major repair like a burned out motor, you are better of replacing the vacuum cleaner than fixing the problem. This is the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning up hairballs and big fur balls off hardwood flooring.

The Regular retail price of the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away is quite a bit higher than the Bissell CleanView. This comes as no surprise, this is one of the premium products from Shark and this means that you get one of the best warranties. It also has a range of features and accessories that put in a category one of the best of the best.

When It comes to versatile and effortless cleaning, the Shark Lift-Away is a real winner. It acts as a normal upright vacuum with a very reasonable weight of 15.5 LBS. The swivel steering is among the best and it moves around obstacles effortlessly.

Then, With just the press of a button, you can release the foundation and it transforms into a super mild 8.4-pound handheld canister vacuum cleaner — perfect for cleaning stairs and other difficult areas like the vehicle.

It Has a fairly impressive dust cup that holds 1.3 quarts. In addition to this, it’s HEPA filtration for allergen-free air. Shark have a fantastic range of accessories for all their vacuums as well as the Shark Rotator professional comes with a whole lot of standard attachments and more bonus attachments that make it not only the best for removing pet hair from hard floors, but provides easy efficient cleaning just about everywhere. Below are some of the awesome attachments which you get with this vacuum –a dusting brush; crevice tool; Premium Pet Power Brush; astraight nozzle; broad upholstery tool; canister caddy; auto detail kit; beneath appliance wand and a dust-away attachment with one microfiber pad. That’s quite a list of extras that will make your life much simpler.

As A premium brand and an excellent collection of attachments and features, the Shark Rotator Professional truly deserves a place among the best hard You get fantastic after sales service from Shark and this model includes a 5-year warranty.

This High suction vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor; if you will need to get pet fur, dander, powder and fleas set in the carpet to pick up odors out of the carpet, this vacuum cleaner will suck it all in. And with its HEPA sealed bags, not one of the debris made even finer by the brushes and motors will escape in a nice cloud of dust.

Replacement parts for this vacuum cost more than average because the parts are brought in from Germany,

But you rarely need to replace those items unless you are regularly deep cleaning filthy carpets.

For Example, if you’re keeping up with several heavily shedding pets, this vacuum might need several filters and a dozen bags per year. However, the cost of consumables per year for many years in addition to the purchase price of the vacuum is cheaper than a number of the Dyson pet hair vacuums.

One Of the advantages of this vacuum’s design is the small lightweight head is pushed around on the floor while the primary body and motor sits in one place until you move it. Thus this vacuum cleaner won’t scratch hard wood floors as you move the head around to clean it. Moving it around can be exhausting over a long time period, but it is not a hassle if you’re cleaning small sections of wood flooring. This is the best vacuum for cleaning pet hair on thick carpeting as well as occasionally or spot cleaning cleaning hard wood flooring.

There Are quite a number of reasons why many believe the Bissell 1819 ClearView are the best pet hair vacuum for hard floors and carpets and that’s not just the very reasonable price. It provides many features that you’ll expect only find on more expensive machines and it has incredible suction.

The wide 13.5″ Cleaning head has a fantastic triple action roller brush that cleans right up to the borders. By adding side bristles it also cleans along baseboards and into every corner of the house.

The fantastic design of the roller brush reduces scatter, meaning that it removes loose debris and pet hair from hard floors more effectively. The roller brush will remove stubborn dirt from carpets and tiles and still provide a gentle cleaning action for hardwood floors.

Five Height adjustments to the cleaning head makes it a versatile vacuum for any type of floor. It also has a 8 Ft hose and extension wand that lets you reach every area of the house, together with the 27 FT retractable power cord, you get a reach of up to 36 Ft. Attachments include the usual dusting brush and crevice nozzle, along with a turbo pet hair brush to remove pet hair from your upholstery.

The Power is fantastic and the use of cyclonic suction means that it traps fine dust from the cup. This, combined with multi-level filtration gives you very clean air in your home. The dust cup is of a reasonable size (1-liter), it’s easy to remove and empties without any unwanted mess, thanks to a quick release clip at the base of the cup.

A Really versatile machine, the Bissell CleanView is as good at cleaning tiles and hardwood flooring as it’s on carpets. It’s a brush roll and turbo brush attachment which make it among the best for cleaning pet hair from any surface in the house. All this comes at a great price and you get a 3-year warranty with your purchase.

The Bissell Bolt combines the convenience of cordless technology with all thegreat features for removing pet hair and other debris out of hardwood floors and tiles — in fact, any hard floor.

It Competes well against the top cordless vacuums for pet hair and does not cost as much as most others. The rubberized brush roll is designed to be among the best at removing pet hair from hard floors. It has quite a few other tools and attachments which make life easier for pet owners.

The Pet hair nozzle tool is fantastic at removing pet hair from furniture and it has a sweep and scoop instrument for removing loose debris, such as kitty litter, from hard floors. This can be really useful when your pets leave pieces of dirt in the grouting between your tiles.

As An upright vacuum, it is incredibly flexible, the handle folds in 2 places (both backward and forward ), which makes it excellent for reaching under furniture. Additionally, it converts, very easily, into a handheld vacuum.

Battery You can expect about 25-minutes in the battery, this could be using the brush roll switched off to save on battery consumption. If you’re looking for an affordable cordless vacuum for pet hair, the Bissell Bolt is probably your best option. The Bissell Bolt includes a 2-year warranty.

While The Bissell Bolt may be the best cordless pet hair vacuum because of its cost, if you really want the best (and you are ready to pay for it), the Dyson V​11 has to be the best cordless pet hair vacuum for both hard floors and carpeting. Not only does the Dyson V​11 have unrivaled battery time, it also has superior cleaning for hardwood flooring, tile, stone, and vinyl, and of course, any type of carpet and it makes light work of pet hair anywhere in the house.

It’s The perfect vacuum for removing pet hair from carpets and hard floors. The direct drive roller brush has nylon brushes to deep clean carpets as well as hard floors.

The V11 provides 40% more suction than the V8. With one of the greatest lithium-ion battery of any cordless vacuum cleaner, you’ll get up to 60-minutes working time from flexible Dyson V11. It converts easily to a handheld vacuum, allowing you to clean every area of your home effortlessly. To be able to classify as the best vacuum for pet hair, you would expect it to have a motorized roller head for upholstery and you would be 100% correct. The pet hair attachment for furniture does a wonderful job.

Along With Dyson’s legendary two-tier cyclonic suction, the V​11 also has top-grade HEPA filtration — which makes it just about the best vacuum cleaner for individuals with allergies. It is superbly light, weighing only ​3 ​Kgs and stores neatly into a wall-mounted docking station. The dust cup is also among the easiest and most hygienic to empty.

People That’s Why so many are ready to pay extra for this amazing product. It’s a Dream for cleaning up pet hair and contains the attachments which provide the Perfect solution for hardwood floors, whilst also offering the ideal Cleaning on tiles and carpets. Along with a wide range extra products Available from Dyson, you have great service backup and a 2-year warranty.

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