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11 Best Carpet Cleaners for Pets In 20120

Which versions tackle pet urine and the worst biological stains, and that are best for spot cleaning that spilled grape juice? Which commercial machines are cheap enough and suitable for heavy duty use in the house? Which versions allow you to shampoo thick rugs that take the most abuse, and which can gently but deeply clean your most delicate carpets? Take a look at our listing of the best carpet cleaners that are ideal for homes with pets.

As a pet owner myself, I know how important it is to find a good carpet cleaner, for dealing with pet stains, pet urine, and the rest of the unwanted odors and mess our pets bring In. The joy we experience, living with dogs and cats, can be never be underestimated. However, let’s face it, cleaning up after our pets is no pleasure. Are we pet owners, or do our pets own us? I believe it’s the latter and I’m perfectly happy with that.

Getting professional carpet cleaners in, or renting a carpet cleaning machine, isn’t the best long term solution. Purchasing your own carpet cleaner for pets, means you can clean your carpets whenever necessary. You can clean the carpets as frequently as is needed, without concerning yourself with the cost of hiring a carpet shampooer or steam cleaner.

This is a top rated carpet cleaner from one of the best brands when it comes to home cleaning. More than just the best carpet cleaner for pets, the Hoover Power Scrub Elite (FH50251) is fantastic for big houses and is packed with really useful features. The extra-large (1.25-gallon) double tanks mean you can clean a large area without needing to refill or empty the water tanks. Additionally, it mixes the detergent , saving you time and eliminates any possibility of a mistake.

The wide, 12″ cleaning path is still another time saver. Additional to this, the quick clean mode dries your carpets in record time. In 18.5-pounds, with multiple simple to reach handles, you can push, pull, or carry the carpet cleaner with ease.

A 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool fits onto the hose, allowing you to clean hard to reach areas. This handy little pet cleaning tool includes two cleaning modes. The rubber base is easy to rinse clean after eliminating pet mess and is great for easy stain removal. A bristle brush can be used when you need extra scrubbing power.

Together with the great pet cleaning attachments, you also get a sample jar of pet cleaning solution. This is devised for the best carpet cleaning, when dealing with pet stains and odors. The Hoover Power Scrub pet carpet cleaner is superbly easy to use. A dial on the cleaning head lets you select between the quick clean, or deep clean operating mode. Using quick clean, ensures faster drying time, assisted by Hoover Heat Force Technology.

For many, this could be the ultimate amongst the best carpet cleaners for pets. It has a massive capacity, is easy to use, and is very good for quick cleanups. Hoover is a brand which has a wonderful reputation for more than most people can remember. A amazing carpet cleaning machine, from a top manufacturer. You really could not ask for more.

The next Hoover carpet cleaner we will be reviewing is a whole lot less expensive than highly acclaimed Power Scrub Elite that kicked off the inspection. Although, relatively inexpensive, it’s still a hoover carpet cleaner, and that means quality you can trust. This is a more basic machine and is smaller. The compact design makes it ideal for smaller homes where storage space is limited, and you don’t need such a large cleaning capacity.

Though, make no mistake, the Hoover PowerDash may be small, but it’s what it takes to powerfully clean up pet mess with ease.

The antimicrobial scrubbing brush is designed to handle pet odor causing bacteria and is wonderful at removing pet stains without much effort. It also has the benefit of Heat Force technologies for faster drying times. The single water tank is not so large, holding 0.5-gallons.

The Hoover PowerDash also includes a more average cleaning path of 10″. Even though this could be limiting in a large home, it’s ideal for flats, or a small to mid-sized house. The low profile cleanup head gets into tight spaces, so you won’t miss the absence of any additional attachments for pet cleaning. The actual benefit to this is an exceptionally lightweight design, just 13-pounds, and it’s easy to store

You won’t easily find a pet carpet cleaner, this cheap, from a top rated manufacturer like Hoover. That in itself makes the beautiful little Hoover PowerDash (FH50700) really attractive. When it comes purchasing a compact, yet immensely competent, carpet cleaner for pets, this one could be tough to beat.

Bissell provide a vast array of cleaning appliances, at very affordable prices for the caliber of machine you’re buying. This is also a company that is big on pets. The Bissell Lifter PowerBrush carpet cleaner is the ideal carpet cleaner for pet owners, who want value for money and the ability to clean a large area efficiently. It does not have a built-in water heater, however. Though this is not always a bad thing.

You don’t need to wait for the water to heat before you can start using this Bissell, and it saves a bit on your energy bill.

The 2-in-1 (0.75 gal.) Detergent and waste-water tank is quite convenient and easy to use. Once you set to work, the 11″ 4-row Dirt Lifter PowerBrush is fantasy to use. It works deep into the carpet fibers to remove any hint of pet urine and pet stains appear to disappear like magic. The cleaning head is also removable, which makes it super easy to remove pet hair and other junk from the brushes. A lint screen is supplied to further ease your carpet cleaner maintenance. Along with this, you get an 8 OZ jar of cleaning formula.

The internal bladder system supplies an ideal ratio of detergent, without you having to measure and mix. It’s a very handy 20′ power cord, that wraps neatly around the handle for easy storage. You won’t have to worry about getting this machine upstairs, it only weighs just 20.9-pounds.

I do not have to be convinced that any Bissell product is excellent value for money. None the less, I took a peek at some of the customer reviews on Amazon. There are more than 3,000 of these, so it’s quite a task. The conclusion is that the overwhelming bulk of confirmed Bissell buyers absolutely adore the Powerlift PowerBrush upright carpet cleaner — 4.2 stars from that many customer testimonials is a remarkable achievement.

Hoover were not joking when they chose to call this automatic carpet cleaner”Smartwash”, it really is smart. Everything is done for you; and can be done almost to perfection. There is not any trigger switch or any anything else to get used to. Only push the Hoover Smartwash forward and it begins cleaning. Pull it backward, and it will dry the carpet, using amazing HeatForce technology.

Whenever the Hoover Smartwash encounters tough dirt, like pet litter, it will ramp up the cleaning force to deliver the excess cleaning power needed. Thus, you really need only push the machine back and forth to get beautifully clean carpets.

Like other top carpet cleaners from Hoover, this version involves the 2-in-1 pet cleaning tool. Used with the hose, this nifty little attachment enables you to clean pet stains out of your furniture and hard to reach places. Not that the low profile 12″ brush head does not get in where many others can’t.

The Hoover Smartwash automatic carpet cleaner includes a 1-gallon water tank and is great for larger homes. It’s quite astonishing that a fully automatic carpet shampooer with such a huge capacity can be so lightweight, just 18.5 LBS.

What an amazing job of technological genius. The Hoover Smartwash is probably one of the only carpet cleaner which can truly be called fully automatic. Certainly, the simplest way to wash any home where pets reign supreme.

If you own a pet skunk, this could be your ultimate carpet cleaner. At least, this is the term from Bissell, asserting that the ProHeat 2X Pet Professional carpet cleaner”even removes skunk odor”. Truth be told, I can believe this. The Bissell ProHeat is surely a revolution in pet cleaning technologies. It is powerful, has an incredible brush roll system and, maybe, the fastest drying time of any high-end carpet cleaner. Although not inexpensive, I feel the price is great for one of the best carpet cleaners for pet owners.

No stain, or any kind of pet odor, can defy the Max Clean mode on this Bissell carpet cleaner. An immensely powerful blend of double dirt lifter power brushes, an incredible 12 rows of them, will easily eliminate the toughest stains, pet litter, and pet urine odor. If you run across dirt that needs more cleaning power, simply use the Clean Shot that delivers a preheated burst of concentrated steam cleaning solution.

The Bissell ProHeat Pet Pro has among the fastest drying times, it can be as little as 30-minutes. If all this were not impressive enough, the Pet Pro has an amazing 3″ pet cleaning tool. It will effortlessly remove pet hair, stains, and odors from the upholstery. Additionally, this is a super easy and convenient carpet cleaner to use, with a removable brush roll cover, for easy cleaning, and a generous 1-gallon water tank. They’ve even thrown an 8 OZ bottle of Professional Pet Urine Eliminator formula and an 8 OZ bottle Pet Antibacterial formula to sweeten the deal.

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Full-Size carpet cleaner delivers professional results in an easy to use, lightweight (20-pound) machine. It cleans up pet grime, stains, and pet urine odor like few can without much effort from you. This is a truly magnificent carpet cleaner for a busy house with pets and kids. As one of the best models from Bissell, the ProHeat Revolution has an remarkable 5-year warranty.

If You’re looking for a lightweight, compact and easy to store carpet cleaner, the Bissell Turboclean PowerBrush Pet (2085) carpet shampooer is very likely your best option. At well under $100, it is also one of the most inexpensive known brand carpet cleaners around. This is a true winner for first time homeowners. Though probably better suited to smaller homes and apartments. The Bissell Turboclean PowerBrush is designed for smaller homes with limited storage.

While this is a small carpet cleaning machine, with a 9.5″ cleaning width and a 0.5 gallon water tank, it’s the cleaning abilities to rival some of the best carpet cleaners for pets. It even outperforms machines that cost a reasonable deal more. The four rows of dirt lifter power brushes rotate, lifting away pretty stubborn grime, before being slurped away with powerful suction.

The Little Bissell Turboclean PowerBrush is designed for convenience. It glides easily around the floor an has a removable nozzle for quick maintenance. Both water tanks also make things easier.

This Is a basic, no frills, carpet cleaner in a wonderfully affordable price. Despite being among the most compact, lightweight carpet cleaners, the Bissell Turboclean PowerBrush has what it takes to eliminate pet stains and odors.

Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machines are rated, by most, as the number one professional-grade machines on the market. Though it has been made for easy use in domestic setting. This certainly a large and powerful carpet cleaner for any size home. It has a pretty unique and very effective brush system. Far superior to a regular brush roll, the Rug Doctor dual cross action brushes oscillate whilst rotating. This allows it to aggravate and eliminate dirt that lots of others leave behind.

This Carpet cleaner really deep cleans occasion the thickest carpets and the big wheels also make it effortless to move across deep pile carpets. Additionally, it has a great tilting handle with excellent grip for easy maneuvering around the home.

Ultra-powerful Suction works along with the excellent brushes to lift away the most stubborn pet stains from your carpets. When an excess boost is required, there is a concentrated spray of detergent accessible at the touch of a button. It has additional upholstery cleaner for more difficult to reach areas. This is quite essential because the floor nozzle is quite bulky. You also can’t remove the nozzle for cleaning, which isn’t the best.

Carpet cleaning machine and isn’t all that lightweight (24 LBS), it’s remarkably easy to store. The hose and upholstery cleaning head stow away neatly onto a caddy which clips on the rear of handle. This all folds away with easy release clip fits over the base of the machine. For storage, the machine occupies about the half the space it would without this terrific solution. The tanks are also really easy to remove, with lift away handles.

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is not a sleek, modern looking machine. It is more of industrial type design, with all high power cleaning capabilities that have it. The brush system is among the best for scrubbing away pet litter from any type of carpet.

It Shouldn’t come as a big surprise to see yet another Bissell machine on our list of the best carpet cleaners for pet owners. These guys specialize in cleaning appliances for homes with pets. I believe the Bissell DeepClean Premier (17N4) carpet cleaner as the best value for money deal around. It has great features and the capability to clean up serious pet grime, even in a large house. Yet it costs just under a hundred bucks. A very reasonable price for this accomplished carpet cleaner endorsed by one of the best names in the business.

With Its 12″ cleaning path, enormous 1.25 gallon tank, and 22-foot power cable, the Bissell DeepClean Premier can manage any size home with ease. Additionally, it has everything required for cleaning carpets and upholstery, especially when dealing with pet hair, stains, and pet urine odor. The dual brush roll with 12 rows of brushes isn’t top online for Bissell, is comparable to some of the very best from most other brands. Along with a 9′ hose, you get two great pet cleaning attachments, the Deep Reach Pet instrument and Tough Stain tool. It also has a filter to catch pet hair and larger debris.

Not the lightest rug cleaner, but is still quite manageable. The ergonomic handle is excellent, and the wheels are quite capable on just about any carpet. Needless to say, this model also includes Bissell’s fantastic HeatWave technology.

I Really do not believe you can find all that the Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner has to offer at a better cost. It has the power and brush roll to remove pet stains and all the attachments necessary for cleaning every area of the house. As a Bissell product, you are getting great quality and a 3-year guarantee.

I’m too sure why Hoover calls this model a SteamVac. This is not a carpet steam cleaner. None the less, it shouldn’t detract from the fact that the Hoover F591490NC SteamVac Plus is a remarkable carpet cleaner, certainly one of the best for pets. I like the purchase price, not cheap, but really affordable for such a technically advanced machine with the proven reliability that’s synonymous with the brand. The Spin Scrub 360°, counter rotating brushes are unconventional with some awesome benefits.

The Powerful cleaning action cleans away pet dirt like magic, yet it is gentle enough to also clean hardwood floors. The multiple action of the brush roll type of massages the dirt from the carpet and has the capacity to get into recesses, such as the grout between tiles. The brushes are removable for easy cleaning.

This By controlling the rate, you can choose whether to use a mild action, for delicate surfaces, stepping up the intensity as needed. It also has a detergent booster at your fingers, for additional cleaning when needed. A Power Upholstery and Stair cleaning tool is included, excellent for removing pet dirt from places where an upright carpet cleaner will not suffice.

We expect Great items from Hoover, and we do not usually pay to much for this. It has great, and unique, features and accurate Hoover quality, all at a cost that won’t leave gasping for air.

It Comes in with a upholstery cleaning tool. Why would you need to think about this industrial model for home use or business use? First and foremost are the large clean water and dirty water tanks — you can deep clean a house with three thousand square feet of carpeting using a minimum of trips to the sink to refill the clean water and empty the dirty water tanks. This commercial unit uses the same Rug Doctor brand shampoos for pet stains and heavy cleaning food stains.

The Biggest reason to not purchase it for home use is size and weight. It weighs about fifty pounds empty. However, you get a comprehensive cleaning job and broad cleaning area. And this model is flexible — it has tools to allow you to clean your car seats with the upholstery cleaning tool.

It Has a five year commercial warranty. One of the weaknesses of the model aside from cost and size is that it doesn’t pull all the water from the carpet after it lifts up the stains. Your carpets will require hours to dry out after you use this system.

One Of the attractions of the expert version is that it works just too forward or backward, so it lifts up stains as you go back and forth, lifting up heavy stains with fewer passes.

It Includes a strong set of brushes. Yet they are gentle enough not to rip up most sensitive carpets. It’s large capacity dirty and clean water tanks. The water tanks occasionally leak.

You Get a stain tool suitable for cleaning upholstery.

It utilizes standard Bissell shampoos, though its larger capacity tank could cause you to add too much soap and clog up the system.

One Of the weaknesses of this unit is that with heavy handling or impacts, it is prone to breaking. And obtaining service for it can be challenging.

Carpet Spot Cleaners

All The carpet cleaners which have been reviewed here, are great for cleaning up after your pets. But these are big machines and take some time to set up. After you’re done, you need to empty the tanks and clean the machine. So, you only want to use these machines when you intend cleaning a rather large place.

What About eliminating little pet stains and mess when they happen? You’re not going to haul out a rug cleaner every time your pets make a little mess. A useful addition to pet cleaning supplies would be a carpet spot cleaner. Employing the best carpet spot cleaners allow you to instantly clean pet dirt on the go. Cleaning a small ​blot, using a ​mobile spot cleaner, should just take a moment or two.

How Do you know that you are actually getting the best carpet shampooer for pets? That is not the easiest question to answer. We all have different needs. We’ll be reviewing a bunch of carpet cleaners that will appeal to a variety of pet owners. After the review, I will now offer a pet rug cleaner buying guide, for people who may still be uncertain as to which carpet cleaner for pets is their best solution.

Cleaning A carpet in a house where pets live, needs some extra attention. There are particular features and functions that are essential when cleaning pet stains and eliminating pet urine odors. There are others that may be nice to have; but aren’t all that crucial. Be prepared to pay a little extra for the best pet carpet cleaner, you’ll appreciate the investment.

Though, a Fantastic carpet Cleaner to get a house with pets need not be the most expensive. In the aforementioned inspection, are some very reasonably priced carpet cleaners which are quite up to the job of cleaning up pet mess and eliminating odors. You may not receive all the extras when purchasing a cheap rug cleaner for pets. But these more affordable machines will find the job done.

Let’s start by discussing the main things to look for when buying the best carpet cleaner for pet owners.


You Certainly want a carpet cleaner with some excess power. This implies better suction for removing ingrained pet dirt and clutter which may cling to the carpeting. A carpet cleaner that is going to effectively clean pet dirt needs a powerful motor with good suction and a good brush roll action.


Heat Is very helpful when cleaning carpets and can be helpful for faster drying times. Though, we should not confuse the two. Using hot tap water can be fine, but for extra cleaning power a machine the provides more heat can be useful. This would be the water temperature. Many of the best carpet cleaners offer additional heat, in the form of hot air that dries the carpets faster. But if you need to sanitize your carpeting naturally without using cleaning solutions, then you want a steam cleaner.

Brush Roll

Cleaning Pet mess takes a great scrubbing action. It is, therefore, imperative to purchase a carpet cleaner with a rotating brush roll. Multiple brush rolls do a much better job and a few carpet cleaner manufactures use counter rotation and oscillation to enhance the machine’s effectiveness. The width of the brush roll may also be important. A wider brush roll will obviously clean a larger area with greater efficiency. Though the huge cleaning head might not always be too practical if you have to get into smaller regions.

Less Essential Pet Carpet Cleaner Features

Having Consider the carpet cleaner specs which are crucial for cleaning up after pets, let’s look at some of the less critical ones. Though for many pet owners, some of these features could be seen as essential.


There Are quite a few carpet cleaner features that can make your life easier. Simple stuff, like the handle design can make the job more comfortable and a collapsible handle is fantastic for compact storage. Huge wheels can also be a bonus, because these allow the machine to move easier on thicker carpets.

Other convenient features Include removable water tanks that make it easier to drain them and there’s little chance of spilling. A removable cleaning head is certainly going to make cleaning and maintaining your carpet cleaner much easier.


A Hose and pet cleaning attachments are clearly likely to push up the price. Even though they can certainly be worthwhile. Specialized pet cleaning Attachments for upholstery and stairs will come in handy, not just for Cleaning up pet mess, hair, and stains. These smaller tools allow to Clean areas where a conventional upright carpet cleaner can not. They also Make it possible to clean your vehicle upholstery and carpets. If your pet Travels with you, this would be something to consider.

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