Best Shark Vacuums

Best Shark Vacuums Cleaners In 2020

Shark is without a doubt one of the top producers of home appliances and this article is going shed some light on the best Shark vacuum cleaners. With so many models available, all of them really great, it hasn’t been easy to choose which Shark vacuums are actually the best.

We’ve taken special care to look at what people want from a high-quality vacuum. For some, it is all about the purchase price and the value that you’re getting. For others, it is about versatility. Perhaps you may want the best Shark vacuum for pets, allergies, or deep pile carpets. Some of the Shark models would be the best shark vacuums for hard floors. Then there are people who need the best of the best — a vacuum cleaner that ticks all the boxes and provides all the features that one would expect to find in some of the world’s top vacuums. We know that everyone has different needs.

With All this in mind, we have reviewed 8 great products in the Shark line of amazing vacuum cleaners. Among these, you’re going to get the perfect vacuum for your needs. Listed below are our recommendations for the top rated Shark vacuums in 2019.

DuoClean technology means two brush rolls. There’s no compromise should you need to deep clean carpets, lift heavy debris from hard floors, or gently polish your treasured hardwood floors.

The Bristle brush is perfectly suited to carpeting of every description, and the soft brush roll is excellent for lifting heavy debris, like kitty litter from your hard floors and polish it to a perfect shine.

Lift Away technology enables the canister to be eliminated with perfect ease. As a canister vacuum, it makes vacuuming curtains, all the way to the ceiling a breeze. As an upright vacuum it is just as versatile with swivel steering and LED lights.

If pets and allergens are an issue in your home, the Shark DuoClean NV771 is sure to impress. The whole seal Anti-Allergen filtration system is among the best for allergens and keeping pet irritants at bay. The Pet Multi-Tool will take care of that pet hair on your furniture.

The Shark DuoClean Upright Vacuum offers the best of all worlds. It doubles up as canister vacuum cleaner, has the flexible DuoClean technology, and takes good care of allergens and hair. You really could not ask for more.

The Perfect solution for large homes in a lightweight package, is what may appeal most about the Shark Navigator ZU561. It has the versatility of lift away technology and among the best HEPA air filtration systems of any Shark vacuum.

The powerful 800W motor is just another bonus that comes with this version. It makes light work of heavy cleaning your carpets, without huge electricity bills.

It transitions perfectly to your hard floors too. Despite the fact that the Shark ZU561 is one of the best for cleaning large areas with its powerful 2.2 quart dust cup, it is refreshingly light and easy to use.

It Weighs a mere 13.4 pounds, not bad for such a big machine. With Shark lift away technology, it can be used as a canister vacuum for those areas where a large upright vacuum simply isn’t practical.

The Air filtration system is perfect for the most sensitive of allergen sufferers. The mixture of Complete Seal filtration and high grade HEPA filters provides clean, allergen-free air throughout the house. They have also integrated the Zero-M anti-hair wrap system within this model. This means you will never be cleaning hair from the brush roll again, the Shark does this automatically as it cleans.

The large capacity and economical electric motor are, to my mind, the best attributes to the Shark Navigator ZU561. Then it shares some of the great technology you’ll find on so many of the best Shark vacuums, like the Lift Away canister, fantastic air filtration, and super-convenient anti-hair wrap system.

It is a little cheaper and, therefore, doesn’t have all the attributes of the Shark Apex. So, for few a couple of dollars less, you are getting the identical basic vacuum, without all the bells and whistles. To keep things simple, I’m going to mention what similar attributes are included in this version and then mention what you won’t get when comparing the Shark NV803 to the AX951.

You’ll find the identical DuoClean technology that’s common to many Shark vacuum cleaners. You also receive the Entire Seal anti-allergen system with HEPA filters, this is also one of the best vacuums for individuals with allergies.

It Has swivel steering, LED headlights and all of the fantastic accessories that you’ll get with the more expensive version (under appliance wand, pet multi-tool, pet power brush, and the duster crevice tool), you’ll also receive the handy bag for storing these accessories. The canister is removable, so you have the same versatility for cleaning hard to reach areas. As you can see, there is not too much compromise when choosing the cheaper model.

Few features and technological improvements that you won’t find on the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV803. This version doesn’t make use of Sharks noise reduction technology. Additionally, it does not have the Active-Glide technology, so it’s going to move more like other vacuum cleaner — on deep pile carpets, the more expensive model will make your life easier. The dust cup is quite a bit smaller (0.9 dry quarts), not the best for large homes. On the plus side, this model is lighter, weighing only 14.5-pounds and has the identical long 30FT power cord.

So If you’d prefer to pay a bit less and forego some of the luxuries of the Shark AX951, the NV803 is a fantastic deal. In the long run, you’re getting the exact same cleaning power with DuoClean technologies and fantastic air filtration. Despite the fact that this is a more affordable model, there’s no compromising on quality and the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV803 also includes a 7-year warranty.

This Is among the most expensive vacuum cleaners in the Shark lineup. It is certainly the most powerful and is packed with every conceivable bit of technology that Shark offers. So, by paying a little extra, you are getting a machine that is arguably among the best. Not only from Shark, but from any of the greatest Vacuum cleaner brands.

Few vacuum cleaners deliver the kind of power that this one does — a whopping 1350 watts of it.

You’ll Be hard pressed to find a better vacuum cleaner for sucking up the most stubborn dirt from deep down in your carpet fibers.

Combine this with the DuoClean, dual brush roll system, and you’ve got the very best for every type of floor. Add to this, the Active Glide Technology and you’ve got a vacuum that is perfectly simple to use as you move from carpet to hard floors.

The list of Technological marvels just goes on and on. Like I said, this system has the very best in each department. It has the Lift Away system, letting you use it as a canister or an upright vacuum. The best air filtration is achieved using the Entire Seal anti-allergen and HEPA filters. Zero-M technology guarantees that hair wrap on the brush roll will be a thing of the past. Despite the fact that this is almost the most powerful vacuum cleaner which you can find, it’s among the quietest. This is due to Shark’s advanced sound reduction technology. You will, undoubtedly, expect the best Shark accessories when buying such an expensive vacuum. Here also, you won’t be disappointed. It’s the obvious crevice tool, then it’s the Pet Multi-Tool that does all of your dusting and basic upholstery cleaning in one handy accessory. To top it all off, you also receive the motorized Deep Cleaning Pet tool that protects pet hair and all of the grime your pets might trample into your carpeting and furniture.

So, if you are going to be hauling out the extra money for the best shark vacuum cleaner, you want to make sure you’re getting a lot for the money. I think it’s clear from the endless list of features and innovative technology, that this is precisely what you are getting in the Shark AZ1002. Not to mention heaps of power and superb build quality.

If You’re searching for the best Shark stick vacuum, you’ve found it. The Shark Rocket (ZS351) has what it takes to deal with a large home with pets. You have all the advantages of a versatile, lightweight stick vacuum without the constraints of a small dust cup and you have the capacity to clean any sort of flooring with perfect ease.

You won’t be rushing off to empty the dust cup too often, it retains a mighty capacity of 0.74 quarts. The power cord is also longer than most — 30 Ft.

This makes the Shark ZS351 way better than most stick Vacuums when it comes to cleaning a large area. It has the advantage of swivel steering.

So You can maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. The inclusion of LED lights on the cleaning nozzle is another great feature, allowing to determine what you are doing in those dark corners and under furniture.

I​​​​​​​​​​​t’s not too heavy (9.3 LBS.) And converts to a handheld vacuum with a click and a media. The single bristle brush roll might not be as exceptional as the Shark DuoClean system. None the less, it does a excellent job on both hard floors and carpets and will transition between the two effortlessly. Maintaining the brush roll clean and hair-free couldn’t be easier. The Zero-M anti-hair wrap attribute is a wonderful system that removes the hair from the brush roll, without you having to do a thing.

For a large busy house, with kids and pets, the Shark ZS351 is one of the few that can match up to the more conventional upright vacuums. At exactly the same time, you have the advantage of a compact, lightweight stick vacuum that converts into a handheld within a matter of seconds. A true winner when it comes to effortless and flexible cleaning choices.

Whilst Being one of the more affordable options from Shark, the Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV752 was created with the pet owner in mind. The other two more expensive models are also equally as great for homes with pets. I’d say that this model is really the best budget pet vacuum.

I Think the major reason why this model is quite a lot more affordable is that it doesn’t make use of DuoClean technology.

While it has a excellent roller brush, the Shark Rotator TruePet is probably better suited to cleaning hard floors and carpets that don’t have a particularly deep pile.

In Fact, the Hard Floor Hero attachment makes this one of the best vacuums for hard flooring. Additionally, it has the advantage of the Lift-Away layout, so it easily converts into a canister vacuum. It has a excellent cleaning head with LED headlights and is almost as good as the best Shark versions for cleaning under furniture.

Pet Owners looking for a reasonable vacuum cleaner, will be delighted with this Shark model. It’s the Pet multi-tool and the TruePet motorized brush, so it will eliminate pet hair and dirt as easily as any of the best pet vacuums. This means that pet odors in the house will be a thing of the past and you will have just about the purest air in your property.

The Shark NV752 has quite a reasonable weight of 15.4-pounds plus a dust cup which compares well to some of the best (1.5 dry quarts). With this large dust cup and 30FT power cable, this vacuum is perfectly appropriate for cleaning large homes.

Anyone looking For one the best pet vacuums at a very reasonable cost should jump at the chance to own this amazing cleaning machine. When compared to the more expensive Shark vacuums, it’s not actually lacking — except maybe for the DuoClean technology. It’s also one of the best for hard floors and comes with an remarkable VIP Lifetime Warranty.

There Are plenty of people who prefer the convenience of a cordless vacuum cleaner. Irrespective of the brand, there’s always an extra cost that includes battery power. The technology is more expensive and the batteries also add to the price tag. Regardless of the price, the advantages of cordless machines are self explanatory — it gives you a lot of versatility. So no review of the best Shark vacuums can be complete with no cordless vacuum cleaner. The Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean IF251 cordless vacuum isn’t only one of the best, but it comes packaged with a whole lot of value-added items.

The First of these must be the excess battery and charging dock that you get with your purchase. An additional battery is really important when using a cordless vacuum, especially when you have a large home. Two batteries means twice the working time and one battery can be charging while the other is in use. Aside from this bonus extra, the IONFlex has the qualities to match any of the best Shark vacuums, including the DuoClean brush roll set up.

When they say Ultra-light, they’re not joking, this stick vacuum weighs just 3.8-pounds. Additionally, it converts to a cordless hand vacuum with no complicated procedures. It’s ideal for cleaning stairs, hard to reach areas and is ideal for cleaning the interior of your car. Shark has an wonderful feature they call MultiFlex technology that makes this one of the most versatile stick vacuums ever made. The upright pipe (stick) is flexible, it is possible to bend it at an angle to give you all of the reach you will need to clean under furniture. This reduces its height by half for easy compact storage.

It has anti-allergen Total seal technology and washable foam filters. As with most of the best Shark vacuums, it also has LED headlights. Among the downsides of any lightweight stick vacuum is that they always have a small dust cup, this is part of what makes them compact. In this regard, the Shark IF251 is not any different from the rest, the dust cup holds only 0.3 dry quarts.

Aside from the extra battery Along with a charging dock, you also receive an anti-allergen dust brush, pet multi-tool, and a duster crevice tool as part of your bundle. You’re getting a good selection of useful extras with this vacuum cleaner.

This Is a superb cordless stick vacuum and the extra battery and charging dock make it quite a bargain. It’s a wonderful bargain for one of the best cordless vacuums. One of the terrific things about Shark vacuums is the incredible warranty that they provide. While this is not the best warranty from Shark, it still beats most others — notably cordless machines that generally have a shorter warranty period. The Shark DuoClean IF251 cordless vacuum comes with a 5-year warranty.

The In the Rocket series, the DuoClean HV382 is best. It’s the only one in this series to use Shark’s amazing DuoClean technology. In most respects, it matches the cordless IF251 version. Though, being a corded stick vacuum, it costs substantially less and doesn’t have the flexibility of MultiFlex technology. Being the best corded Shark stick vacuum, it converts to a hand vacuum at an instant. Even though there are lighter stick vacuums available, I don’t think that anyone will consider this on to be heavy — it weighs 9.9-pounds.

One Great advantage of this vacuum is that it has a much bigger (0.91 dry quarts) dust cup compared to most other lightweight stick vacuums.

It Has the majority of the best features and accessories that we have come to expect in the best Shark vacuums. These include LED headlights, both on the floor nozzle and the hand vacuum, in addition to the versatile pet multi-tool. Of course, you’ll also get the duster crevice tool, which is standard for many Shark Vacuum cleaners.

You’re Getting quite a great deal of vacuum cleaner for not too much money for this one. The DuoClean technology that’s contained, definitely makes this the best corded stick vacuum from the Shark brand and it includes their industry leading VIP guarantee.

Among The cheaper vacuum cleaners that still provides some of the best features that Shark has to offer, the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501), certainly deserves a mention. You’re getting fantastic quality, excellent versatility, and a slew of brilliant features.

So it does not include DuoClean brush rolls, but with the addition of this Premium Pet Power Brush, it is up there with the best Shark pet hair sprays. It also has perfect air filtration capabilities thanks to the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal system and HEPA filters.

Swivel Steering and powerful LED headlights help elevate this vacuum to a level that compares with the best. Like all the Lift-Away versions, the Shark Professional NV501 converts to a canister vacuum cleaner with the simple touch of a button, giving you the best of both an upright and canister vacuum cleaner.

Wouldn’t call this a light machine. Though I wouldn’t call it particularly heavy . All the Lift-Away vacuums are a little on the heavy side, this is because you’re getting a powerful upright vacuum and a canister vacuum cleaner in one versatile machine. Of course, this also means that you have the excess dust cup.

A Great vacuum for large houses and one of the best at cleaning up after pets, the Shark NV501 provides you just about the best value for money when compared to any vacuum cleaner with similar features and capabilities. As you’re backed by the Shark brand, you can expect the best after-sales service and it has a 5-year warranty.

Buying The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E) is one vacuum that can ease the mind of the penny-wise buyer. Probably the best budget Shark vacuum cleaner, you don’t have any need to worry about quality, you have the backing of a premier brand.

Naturally, you Can’t expect all the high-end features that you’d get on the more expensive models, but the NV356E still has some impressive specs.

Lacking The DuoClean technology puts this one at a slight disadvantage when it comes to moving from hard floors to luxury rugs. None the less, this vacuum is among the best for hard floors, it features the Hard Floor Hero attachment. It’s also perfect for area rugs and low pile carpets.

The Shark Navigator NV356E forms part of the Lift-Away variety, so you have the versatility of a canister and upright vacuum with a simple changeover between the two modes of operation. It also includes the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal design with HEPA filters that’s as good as it gets. The Pet Power Brush will look after any pet hair on your upholstery and other areas where pets love to curl up.

At 15.5-pounds it’s on the heavier side of things, even when compared to other Lift-Away versions. You won’t be lugging too much weight when using it as a canister vacuum though, in this manner, it weighs only 8.4-pounds. When using it as an upright vacuum you have the added maneuverability that comes with swivel steering and it has LED headlights.

It’s Nice to see that you won’t have to dig too deep into your pockets to Own one of the best Shark Vacuum cleaners. Offers a lot of high-end features, without sending the cost through the roof. If you have mostly hard flooring, you really won’t be compromising By choosing this amazing vacuum cleaner. Though the Euro-Pro warranty is Fairly standard (1-year).

Buying The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E) is one vacuum that can ease the mind of the penny-wise buyer. Probably the best budget Shark vacuum cleaner, you don’t have any need to worry about quality, you have the backing of a premier brand.

Naturally, you Can’t expect all the high-end features that you’d get on the more expensive models, but the NV356E still has some impressive specs.

A Handheld vacuum is always good to have around, they’re the best for cleaning your car’s interior and make cleaning your upholstery as easy as pie. For fast cleanups, they’re super convenient.

Contrary to Cordless handheld vacuums which can be a little expensive, the Shark Rocket is very cheap. The fact that it has an adequate length 15Ft cord, means which aren’t too restricted. What’s great about this machine is that you receive all the attachments that really need when using a handheld vacuum.

The Best of them must be the Authentic Pet motorized brush quickly and easily eliminating pet hair. Additionally, it has an extended hose, making it even more versatile.

The Dust cup is bigger than most handheld vacuums and it’s washable filters. You won’t have to substitute those and this saves in your operating costs. You want a handheld vacuum to be as light as possible and this one surely is. It weighs only 3.7-pounds. Having a 400W motor, it’s also stronger than many handheld vacuum cleaners plus it never loses suction.

Cheap enough to buy as a Standby vacuum to have around the house, that the Shark Rocket HV292 is one the best bargains you can hope for. It’s on the lower end of the purchase price scale that means it also conveys the Euro-Star 1-year guarantee.

Why Choose a Shark Vacuum Cleaner?

From The outset when SharkNinja began manufacturing quality house-care products in their production facility in Montreal, Canada, they’ve endeavored to create the highest quality merchandise with world-leading innovation.

Today, the Business is Together with incredible growth, has come improved product growth. All this, whilst staying true to their fundamental philosophy of providing the very best products and customer support. You may ask anyone who possesses a Shark product, they look after you.

When you examine the unbelievable warranty that you get on most of the very best Shark vacuums, you can make sure that you’re getting one of the best on earth. Some of the premier vacuums come with a VIP lifetime guarantee — easily the very best in the industry.

There are a significant number of However, nobody can dispute that Shark is right up there with the best of these and often at a price that beats most of the others in their course. Therefore the Shark vacuums analyzed are certainly worth ​the cost you pay.

Shark DuoClean Technology

Because This revolutionary technology is common to a lot of the most recent Shark vacuums, it might be a good idea to discuss it before going into our review of the top Shark vacuums of today.

Many Vacuums utilize dual brush rolls, a soft one for hard flooring as well as a bristle brush roll for rugs. So while the basic idea is not particular to Shark, they have put some effort it creating their DuoClean system one of the very best. The soft brush roll in the front pulls up large debris easily and removes all the dust from hard flooring, leaving a gleaming polished finish. Since there’s no front wall, this soft brush roll may glide over bigger objects without a issue and these will be scooped off effortlessly. You won’t be moving back and forth all of the time.

The Bristle brush is situated directly behind the soft brush roll and also may be removed for cleanup. The powerful bristles reach deep into the carpets, eliminating really stubborn dirt and stains.

While DuoClean system has proven to be a huge achievement and people love it. It is It’s also excellent for removing pet hair, kitty litter all the mess Left by children in the busy family home. It really is remarkable.

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