10 Best Professional Chainsaws

A Simple chainsaw might be perfect for a weekend warrior Trying to trim some branches Nevertheless, it’s not going to cut it for anybody working in forestry. If you are going in the area and cutting down 60 foot trees on a regular basis, you need to invest in a professional chainsaw that can handle years of even the toughest work. It’s important to buy the professional chainsaw that’s best for your needs. It must saw through tough timber with ease, be easy to manage, and last for several years.

But Using a higher price tag than residential versions, purchasing one of these hand tools is an important investment. And with so many options out there, figuring out which model to buy can be confusing. You need to appear at a variety of factors such as performance, cost, design, specs, and features. Don’t worry if this all seems a bit overwhelming because you came to the perfect location.

In This article, we will show you the very best professional chainsaws in the marketplace today. Plus, we are going to describe exactly what you should be looking for when you venture out to buy one of these powerful hand tools. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know just which chainsaw you should buy to handle the heavy duty demands of your career.

We’ve Walked you through the buying process and discussed which attributes make a chainsaw acceptable for professional use. But with so many choices out there, narrowing your search to the ideal model can still be confusing. That’s where we come in! We took a look at the top professional grade chainsaws on the industry and put them to the test.

In the end, these 10 models were clearly a cut above the rest. If you’re prepared to invest in a tool that can manage the toughest work conditions, we recommend you have a good long look at these impressive professional saws.

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chain1Fashlady Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch 55-1/2cc 2-Stroke Gas-Powered Chain Saw View On Amazon
chain2Makita EA7901PRZ1 EA7901PRZ2 79 cc Chain Saw, Power Head Only View On Amazon
chain7Echo CS-400View On Amazon

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher chain saw is a powerhouse thanks to its 55.5cc motor that’s capable of a maximum power output of 3.49 hp. That is enough power to cut through even the hardest wood without difficulty. The addition of X-Torq technology allows it to consume less fuel when outputting a minimum amount of fumes. And for additional comfort and security, it includes a comfortable rubber-coated handlebar and produces almost no vibrations thanks to its patented LowVib technology.

Why We Liked It

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher chain saw is one of the best professional models out there. It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 9000 RPM and the 20″ bar length means it’s capable of making quick cuts through the thickest wood. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to start, despite being a gas-powered chainsaw.

Why We Like It

  • Generous 20″ bar length
  • Effortless to begin
  • Air injection system
  • Strong 55.5 cc motor can cut through anything
  • Comfortable handle and no vibrations translates into simple handling

The Makita 79cc Chainsaw is one of the most powerful professional Models that money can purchase. This 5.7 HP workhorse has a high power to weight ratio and delivers a motor speed of 12,800 RPM. And it starts easily due to its automatic half-throttle lock and fully electronic ignition. The innovative vibration dampening system ensures reduced vibration even at high rates. Plus, it is built with a magnesium casing for additional durability while weighing only 14.7 pounds without the chain and guide bar.

Why We Liked It

The Makita 79cc 20″ Chainsaw is a premium version and comes at a premium price. However, you get what you pay for and this is one of the most impressive models available today. It’s powerful, rugged, and easy to get started. It is the perfect length for heavy-duty work along with the heated handle will keep your hands warm when you’re working in cold weather conditions.

Why We Like It
  • Durable magnesium housing
  • Easy-to-clean chain compartment
  • Heated handle for winter use
  • Impressive 79cc engine capable of providing 5.7 HP of power
  • 20” guide bar makes quick work of thick trees
  • High power to weight ratio

Using a 20″ guide bar and a 50cc engine, the Poulan Pro 967061501 Gas-Powered Chainsaw is effective at tackling demanding conditions without difficulty. OxyPower engine technology gives it additional performance power with 20% less fuel consumption and 70% less emissions. Along with the user-friendly choke/stop control makes it easier to start while reducing the possibility of flooding the engine. The comfortable handle makes it easy to maneuver this 17 pound power tool. Additionally, it’s easy to keep and comes backed by a 2-year guarantee.

Why We Liked It

The Poulan Pro Chainsaw proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune for a reliable tool. It’s well-made and user friendly. One of the greatest draws is the price. It’s simply among the most affordable options around. While it does lack a few of the design features of more expensive models, it is a tremendous value and is a high-performance machine.

Why We Like It
  • 20″ bar length
  • Strong 50cc engine
  • Low-kickback functionality
  • Among the most affordable models on our list

This Husqvarna chainsaw features a longer guide bar and a powerful 60cc two-cycle engine. And X-Torq technology allows the engine to deliver high torque over a wide velocity range. For ease of use, it is designed with Smart Start technology and a side-mounted chain tensioner. Additionally, this sturdy 21 lb chainsaw is easy to control thanks to an ergonomically designed handle and less vibration because of the popular brand’s LowVib technology.

Why We Liked It

Backed by a strong engine, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20inch is a true powerhouse. It is capable of producing high torque even at the greatest RPMs. Add this ability to the oversized 24″ guide rail and it can handle the toughest job in record time. It runs smooth and is easy to handle and control. Plus, at 21 pounds, it’s sturdy but will not weigh you down. Put this all together and it is clear to see why it is one of the most common professional models in the marketplace today.

Why We Like It
  • Strong 60cc two-cycle motor
  • Extra-long 24″ guide bar
  • Comfortable grip
  • A lot of power at a reasonable price

The Makita 18″ Professional Chainsaw delivers impressive power in a Lightweight, easy-to-handle package. It runs on a 61cc engine that delivers 4.6 HP and is capable of attaining 13,800 RPM. But as it’s designed with a magnesium casing, it is durable but weighs just 13.2 lbs. The Easy Start spring-assisted starter offers single lever operation for fast starts and immediate shut-off. Along with the innovative vibration dampening system helps reduce user fatigue and strain.

Why We Liked It

Makita is known for building impressive power tools and this 18″ Professional Chainsaw is no exception. At only 13 lbs, you can use it for hours with minimal fatigue. But with a powerful 61cc engine and 4.6 HP, it performs just like a 25lb monster. The 18″ guide bar is perfect for making quick work of medium-sized wood. And with minimal vibrations and the easy-start feature, it is easy and enjoyable to operate.

Why We Like It
  • Easy to handle
  •  Durable housing
  • Spring-assisted starter allows for quick starts with less force
  • Heavy-duty air cartridge system for improved durability

The Remington RM4620 Outlaw is strong gas-powered chainsaw with a 46cc 2-cycle engine that can handle extreme cutting jobs. The engine’s professional-grade chrome-bore cylinder and die-cast chassis enhance its durability. And the sturdy side-access tensioning system will keep your string

tight during extended operation. With a 20″ bar, it can mow through thick trees quickly and easily. Along with the 5-point anti-vibration system and cushion-wrapped handle give you more control and all-day comfort.

Why We Liked It

With The Outlaw, Remington demonstrates that buying a professional chainsaw does not have to cost you a fortune. It offers the power and performance you would expect to find in some of the more expensive models on the market. It cuts fast with minimal vibrations and low kickback. And as you would not expect much from a budget model, it is surprisingly durable. Remington skips the plastic-heavy design that you find on a great deal of prosumer models and instead boosts the Outlaw’s sturdiness with features like a die-cast housing, chrome cylinder, and metal crankcase. Overall, it’s among the best values out there now.

Why We Like It
  •     Terrific value
  •     46cc 2-cycle engine
  •     20″ guide bar for faster cuts
  •     Durable die-cast housing

Husqvarna makes our record again with the 450 18″ Chainsaw. Designed With a 50cc engine, the 450 provides the power you will need to slice through hardwood very quickly. With the X-Torq feature and a quick-release air filter, it uses less fuel than the normal gas engine. Plus, you’ll never have to wonder how much gas is left in the tank as a result of an exterior fuel indicator. It’s also easy to operate thanks to the addition of a combined choke/stop controller feature, quick-release air filter, and tool-less chain tensioning mechanism.

Why We Liked It

It is clear that the Husqvarna 450 Is built by a chainsaw brand that’s known for high quality chainsaws and power tools. It’s remarkably strong and roars to life due to its rapid starting mechanism and design. Together with the 18″ bar, it can manage a number of cords of timber and medium-sized trees without difficulty. The clasp is ergonomically-designed for optimal user comfort and it’s designed for effortless operation. It is a remarkably durable chainsaw which can withstand years of daily use, which makes it a perfect match for even the most demanding jobs.

Why We Like It
  • 18″ guide bar is excellent for cutting through moderate trees and numerous cords of timber
  • Impressive 50cc X-Torq engine
  • Exterior fuel indicator
  • Solid fuel efficiency
  • Low Vibration performance

F you’re looking for an affordable professional chainsaw to quickly cut branches and slit through 20″ pine trees, the Echo CS-400 Is a fantastic investment. It includes a strong 40.2cc 2-stroke engine that is capable of making quick work of most tasks. It was designed as a substitute for the heavier CS-4400 and, weighing only 10.1 lbs, it’s a lot easier to maneuver and control.

Fantastic for cutting through medium-sized trees and limbs and the i-30 starting system is designed to enable quick starts. Packaged fully-assembled with engine oil, an 18″ bar, and string, it’s everything you need to work right from the box.

Why We Liked It

The Echo CS-400 is a powerful chainsaw intended for professional arborists and woodcutters. The 40.2cc engine offers somewhat less power than some of its pricier rivals but that is a fair trade considering it weighs just 10.1 lbs. This light weight makes it quite easy to handle and perfect for anybody who might have to climb a tree or ladder with their tool. It’s also easy to operate and features hassle-free startup. And its ability to remain clean even during prolonged use makes maintenance easy while prolonging the life of the tool. Try the Echo CS590 as a excellent alternative to this perfect chainsaw.

Why We Like It
  • Lightweight design is easy to take care of
  • Affordable model
  • 40.2cc 2-stroke motor
  • Vibration dampening system works very well

The Husqvarna T435 That means it has the speed and power that you need to get the job done. The inclusion of X-Torq technology reduces harmful emissions and the adjustable oil pump allows you regulate oil flow for intake efficiency. A quick-release air filter makes maintenance easy when increasing the tool’s lifespan. And for safety and comfort, the LowVib system reduces vibration while the inertia-activated chain brake will stop the chain in the event of any kickback. Plus, at only 7.48 pounds, you can use it all day without straining your arms or shoulders.

Why We Liked It

Depending On your profession, you might not need a hefty 20 or 24 inch model to get the work done. Sometimes, all that is needed is a powerful, reliable smaller tool that can cut small trees and easily trim branches. It’s built by Husqvarna, so that you can rely on it being tough and powerful. And at just over 7 lbs, this chainsaw may be used for hours with virtually no user fatigue.

Why We Like It
  • 12″ guide bar is perfect for trimming branches
  • Very lightweight
  • LowVib system eliminates vibrations
  • Powerful 35.2cc motor

The Dolmar PS-6100 Chainsaw is one of the top choices for professional use. It runs on an impressive 61cc engine capable of an output of 4.6HP as well as 13,800 RPM. With that power and a 20″ guide bar, this model has a large cutting capacity and can topple thick trees with ease. This fuel efficient model consumes 20 percent less fuel than other models, offering 30 minutes of continuous operation per tank.

For added durability, it was Designed with a metallic crankcase and handlebar, allowing it to withstand years of heavy usage. Plus, it comes with the features you’d expect in the pro-grade class such as tool-less air cleaner, side-mounted chain tensioner, and a terrific anti-vibration system.

Why We Liked It

The Dolmar PS-6100 is among the greatest premium chainsaws for professional applications. It’s rugged and comes with all the features you’d expect a tool in this price range to offer. It delivers an astounding amount of speed and power while providing smooth, vibration-free performance. Plus, it’s comfortable to handle and easy to control. While it may cost a bit more than some other models on our listing, it’s a solid investment for anyone facing demanding conditions on a daily basis.​

Why We Like It
  • 20″ guide bar offers great cutting capacity
  • Strong 61cc motor
  • Sturdy design for commercial use
  • Outstanding anti-vibration system

What to Look for When Buying a Professional Chainsaw

There Are tons of chainsaws available on the market today but not all them are right for professional use. If you want to purchase a model that could deal with the demands of your job, there are a few facts to think about.

A Professional usually needs a chainsaw which can take care of a severe workload. You want a roaring gas chainsaws that could slice through the roughest conditions with ease. Sure, there are cordless and electric chainsaws out there however, for real heavy duty work, just a gasoline powered chainsaw is going to do. That’s why the very first thing you want to consider is the engine and just how much power it delivers. When it is time to cut down big trees saw through tough, thick timber, you need the power output a gas powered chain saw provides.

When shopping for a professional chainsaw, You Have to evaluate the Power of this engine. The more complicated the cc, the stronger the chainsaw is going to be. Ordinarily, a chainsaw that is likely to be used for specialist work should provide somewhere between 35 and 80cc’s of electricity.

But while somebody who is Felling small trees may make do with a model that sits in the lower end of the range, authentic heavy duty work will likely require a model that’s in the higher end of the spectrum.

Any chainsaw Will eventually harvest timber, but you don’t want the job to take indefinitely. A slow cutting speed is going to be time-consuming. More importantly, it’s going to wear both you and your tool down, sapping you of energy and shortening the lifespan of your chainsaw. That’s why you have to take into account the type of job you’re going to be doing if you want to purchase the ideal chainsaw to the occupation. To begin with, think about the normal width of these trees you plan to cut.

Are you really going to be cutting A smaller sized chainsaw that can handle really thick cuts will supply a bigger cutting capacity and greater performance. Concentrate on the chainsaw’s bar length. The bar is the long part of the tool that protrudes out from its own body, securing the series.

The more the bar is, the more deeper and faster The chain can cut. Models provide pub spans ranging from 10 to 24 inches. While models with bar lengths in the teens might be capable of handling average workloads, very thick cuts will call to get a version measuring nearer to the 20 or 24 inch mark.

Benefits of Use

A Chainsaw is a powerful instrument, but it may also be dangerous. You do not want to purchase a model that is too heavy, has awkward handles, or feels off-balance. Combating issues such as these are going to take a toll on the human body. Even worse, they could make your moves unsteady, raising your chance of injury. To keep this from happening, start looking for a model that is not too heavy for you to handle. Additionally, gauge the texture of this tool. You would like to purchase a chainsaw that feels centered and balanced.

It Should also be equipped with ergonomic handles that allow you to maintain a comfortable, firm grip. Remember, you’ll use your professional chainsaw for hours each day. Taking these factors into consideration will decrease fatigue, boost your efficiency, and allow you to keep better control over your energy tool. If you have to lower wood precisely, we recommend a track saw, as reviewed here.


It’s only natural for a tool that’s used to chop Down huge trees and saw through lumber to be on the front end of a lot of wear and tear. Left unchecked, this wear and tear can shorten the life span of even the very best chainsaw. That is where maintenance comes in. Proper maintenance will maintain your new professional powerhouse running like new. However, you don’t need to lose precious time while your instrument is out being serviced. Luckily, professional chainsaws are constructed with productivity in mind.

Together quickly and easily. This means you can swap out the damaged or worn area, reassemble the instrument, and get back to work. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the model you choose is made with this kind of simple maintenance and repair in mind.

Professional log splitter Loggers work in extreme conditions. They’re at the field cutting massive trees on a daily basis. That’s why they can not rely to a run-of-the-mill consumer-grade chainsaw. Insteadthey turn to pro chainsaws that could handle the needs of their job. Designed to provide easy handling the hard conditions that log jacks encounter on a daily basis, these pro-grade chainsaws supply the specs and features needed to overcome extreme problems.

While There Are Lots of options to Pick from, all Of these industrial grade versions have the following things in common. Since a professional chainsaw will be utilized daily for tasks like logging, forestry jobs, and shrub maintenance, they need to be more competent than a simple prosumer model. These workhorses will feature a more bar span, more powerful motor, and a more rigorous design. These attributes will allow them to make quick cuts through thick wood using a minimum amount of hassle.

Professional-grade Chainsaws also generally get a more balanced design and a top handle. These design features allow you to comfortably handle the tool for protracted periods of time whilst providing extra security features and controller for downward cuts. And since loggers will use their professional saws for hours every day, many professional versions will be built to withstand years of abuse. This is usually evident by the extended warranties offered on many of these models

While Prosumer chainsaws might have a limited amount of coverage, most professional chainsaws will come backed by a 1 or 2 year guarantee. So while specialist models may look like their residential-use counterparts, there are some clear differences, namely improved power, comfort, cutting ability, and durability. These features will enable the instrument to survive longer and offer the speed and efficiency needed to find the job finished.

Choosing the Professional Chainsaw That’s Right for You

Arborists, Landscapers, crop wood woodcutters, and log Trainers experience demanding conditions that a run-of-the-mill residential-grade chainsaw only can’t handle. To get these kinds of specialist chainsaw jobs done effectively, you want the power, speed, and durability that only a professional chainsaw may offer. These tough hand tools are made to slice through thick wood such as butter. But when buying professional-grade chainsaw, it is very important to keep a few things in mind.

You Need a version whose electricity and pub length reflect the kind Of conditions you are likely to strike. If you are going to be trimming branches and cutting down thin trees, a chainsaw with between 30 to 40cc of electricity and a manual bar between 12 and 18 inches will provide you the energy and cutting capacity you want.

But for cutting thick This will ensure it can chew up those thick trees safely and fast, saving your device out of unnecessary wear and tear.

Expert Tip

Nothing Can slow down a chainsaw’s performance down like a dull chain. While a sharp string allows you to slice through wood with practically no physical drive, a dull chain will ask you to push the guide bar through the wood while barely making a dent. Not only can it take forever to cut anything but it creates a safety hazard and can cause premature wear on your own tool. The good thing is it’s easy to understand when it’s time to sharpen your string .

You will Know your chain is dull when you find yourself forcing the tool to cut or when it spits out nice dust instead of larger wood chips. When either of those things happens, it is time to take off your chain and sharpen or replace it. This will ensure that your tool continues to perform well while ensuring your safety and the long lifespan of your professional chainsaw.

Did You Know?

For secure operation, It’s important to select the right guide maximum bar length and follow The safety features. The pub length of your chainsaw should be two inches Longer than the wood you’re going to be cutting. This means that someone who is Cutting 18″ trees on a regular basis ought to purchase a model with at Least a 20″ guide bar.

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